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Kei Kamara takes battle with Nick Garcia to Twitter

Wizards striker Kei Kamara took to Twitter, as always, after last night's 1-0 victory over Toronto FC. Only, this time, it wasn't to tweet about Chipotle. It was to call out the refs and talk trash on former Wizard and current Toronto defender Nick Garcia.

During last night's game, Garcia and Kamara got tangled up in the box and no foul was called.

But this goes back further than that, as they two have a history. Last year, Garcia (then with San Jose) called Kamara (with Houston) a

"mental midget."

Among the highlights from

"what i cant believe is the Ref let #tfc #4 the worst player in the league hit me 4rm behind couple time and did give him a single card"


"but again #4 , i say ur # cuz ur name dont deserve my tweet. u alway finish last get that in ur old head. i will always be the winner, HATER

After @KCWFans showed Kamara a

video of a Montreal player knocking out Garcia during a game

, Kamara responded:

"Roberto Brown 4rm #montreal we need to hang out next year when u guys get in the league dinner on me"

I love when athletes trash talk, it's part of what makes sports awesome. But Kei is gonna get fined by MLS for those comments. Particularly the one about the referees.