The Full 90

Quotes on a satisfying result

What the players/coaches had to say about Kansas City's 1-0 victory over Toronto FC. (Including some particularly sore-sounding quotes from the losing team.)

KANSAS CITY WIZARDS MANAGER PETER VERMES On the team’s defensive performance

“It was excellent. I think that we’ve become stronger in knowing not only how to manage the game but knowing when to pick and choose our moments when it’s right to play it out of there and when a ball comes in it’s the right thing to whack it up the field and start over. The guys are getting better and better with those decisions for sure.”

On the goal

“Well that’s the kind of goal that we would have given up in the past. It was good for us to pounce on it and execute it at a time when it was available to us. I thought that Teal made a good decision, but at first it didn’t look like it was high enough. In the end, it went into the back of the net, and we caused that because we had good pressure high up the field.”

On Teal Bunbury

“It’s been a process with Teal for us this year. Since the first day of preseason, we’ve spent time trying to bring him along as opposed to putting everything on him early and then you start taking things away from him. We’ve been able to add as the games have gone on, and when we made the decision to put him in, we felt it was a good time for him to get his feet wet and really get after it.”

On the game

“The first half was not our best performance. We didn’t play well. We played OK and everything we did was OK, but OK is not good enough, we have to do better than OK, and I think in the second half we had a great performance.”

On his first half save

“It was good passing, and (Mista) had a good first touch. You just look at the ball, keep looking at the ball, keep looking at the ball, and this time I was lucky but sometimes you are not.”


“We knew it would be a physical battle with these guys. It was the same when we went up and played in Toronto. That’s one of their strengths as a team is that they go up and battle for every single ball. We didn’t think we did a good enough job in the first half of really putting our stamp on the game, and we came out in the second half saying ‘Just go for it.’”


“The keeper was so far out. I looked up right before I was about to hit it, and the ball was in midflight, so I thought if I would have taken it down he would have been to close for me to try and slot it in, so I just felt like heading it would be the best thing. He got a little tip to it, but I got fortunate and it went in”

On the team’s recent results

“It’s been in us this whole time, and I feel like now with the games that we’ve been playing we’re getting so competitive and our true style of play and our culture is coming out, and everyone’s starting to have more fun and confidence is up so it’s going well.”

TORONTO FC HEAD COACH PREKI On the goal from Bunbury

“That was the flukiest goal ever. I don't think they had any sniff at our goal the whole game. They got to be feeling very fortunate they got the result. That's two games they played us and both games the ball bounced their way. That's the way soccer is sometimes.”

On Toronto’s chances on goal

“Nane had a chance. Mista had a chance. Chad Barrett had a chance in the second half. Adrian Cann had half a chance. I don't remember Stefan having to make any saves the whole game. That's football. You don't score when you have chances… Next thing you know, you concede the flukiest goal ever, so that's the way we're playing right now. We're in a funk. The ball isn't bouncing our way, but we can't be feeling sorry for ourselves. We've got to regroup and got to find a way to bounce back.”

On Toronto’s effort

“I thought we worked hard. We worked hard, and like I said, they really had nothing except for three points after a fluky game. But you know, I'd rather do nothing and get three points sometimes, too.”