The Full 90

Sad to see Santi go, glad to see Sunil get a chance

It finally became truth today.

I admit it, I'm going to miss him.

I'm not sure what happened or why he had a falling out with the team, but he's moving on and it's a mutual separation. Like Herculez Gomez, I always rated Hirsig very highly. He was calm and collected when on the ball, had a ton of range and controlled the game. And, as jtreg stated in the comments earlier, his loss will take away from the team's overall dominance of "Best Hair in MLS."

Like Gomez, I think Hirsig will have a good season in South America.

My man-crush on Santi is actually documented as I wrote about it last year when I blogged about the Wizards for Ink magazine.

I'm running out of room for my man-crushes

First Trent Reznor. Then Jason Statham. Then Clive Owen. Now? Santiago Hirsig.

I called it in the last blog that the new midfielder from Argentina would become a fixture in the starting line up someday.

It took three games.

He was a calming influence on the game, collecting the ball and never looking rushed. He didn't have a lot of stats to hang his jersey on, but he did something far more important: He gave the Wizards control of the midfield. Control the midfield, control the pace. Control the pace, control the game. Control the game, get the win. Get the win, get the chicks. Get the chicks, get herpes. Wait, sometimes it's best to stop while you're ahead.

Weird how much changes in a year. I wrote that on April 7, 2009.

This didn't happen in a Wizards jersey, but it's a great photo of Hirsig.


The Star reported earlier this week

, Indian striker Sunil Chhetri was "happy and settled" in Kansas City and the team was working on finding a way for him to join the national team without leaving the Wizards permanently. Today, they did that, allowing him to move to the Indian team for the rest of the season. He will rejoin the team next year for the preseason.

The simple truth is that Chhetri wasn't ready for this league yet and, if and when the team signs a designated player (likely an attacker), he would've moved further down the ladder competing for a starting spot.

He'll get his chance to play for his country and get some soccer games in this year. This will only help.

Plus, with two players leaving the active roster, a designated player move could be just around the corner.