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Wizards surpass 1,100 new season tickets for 2011

On Monday, the Kansas City Wizards sold more than 700 new season tickets for 2011. Today, that number climbed to 1,100. Behold, the power of a positive exhibition! The team made an exclusive block of 2,011 tickets available to new season ticket holders and doesn't include current season ticket holders.

From the Wizards press release:

"The demand for new 2011 season tickets is a testament to the momentum we have built through our 'Summer of Soccer' and the construction of our world class facility opening next June,” said Andrew Steinberg, Kansas City Wizards Executive Vice President. “The fan experience is a top priority for our organization and we look forward to showcasing that to all of our guests as we welcome our newest season ticket holders."

The demand is due in large part to the Wizards good showing in an exhibition against Manchester United on Sunday. Fans can secure their seats by visiting or by calling 888-4KC-GOAL, and are encouraged to act fast as less than 900 remain.

Speaking of that game,

The Daily Mail in England today

had a nice feature about Man United's time in Kansas City.

"If tumbleweed had blown past and disappeared down the concourse [at Kansas City International] it wouldn't have felt at all strange. ... The following night, by far the biggest crowd ever for a soccer game in the midwest - more than 54,000 - was at the New Arrowhead Stadium to see Kansas City Wizards beat United. Where there was perhaps a hint of local scepticism in Toronto and Philadelphia over the absence of some star names in Sir Alex Ferguson's touring party, they bought into it completely here. Kansas City may be slower paced and more remote than most US cities (you should see the T-shirts dedicated to cow-tipping in the airport shop) but there is no doubting its passion for the sport.

Top 10 U.S. Soccer Crowds of 2010, to date

1. Mexico vs. New Zealand (March 3, @ Pasadena, Calif.) - 90,526

7. Kansas City vs. Manchester United (July 25, Kansas City, Mo.) - 52,424

10. Seattle vs. Boca Juniors (May 26, @ Seattle, Wash.) - 40,122

That list is instructive for three reasons. 1, Mexico is a huge draw in this country. 2, Kansas City had the most well-attended game in MLS in 2010 (which is beyond crazy). 3, MLS expansion to Seattle and Philadelphia was brilliant.