The Full 90

On second thought... take the points, drop the complaining (for now)

Should the Kansas City Wizards have left Colorado with the full 3 points, and thus, earned a 6-point road trip?

Yeah. Probably.

But for a team that seemed destined for bottoming out just 8 days ago, four points is fairly miraculous. And, with the team facing Manchester United this week and not MLS competition, I’m going to drop my complaints. For now.

For the rest of the season, The Full 90 will attempt to analyze the game only after we’ve sobered up had a few days to sleep on it. After all, soccer is an emotional game and people with a platform such as this are sometimes prone to reacting emotionally and not rationally. “On Second Thought” will be our attempt to take the rational view of the most recent game. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to it landing a day or so after the game. The debut was after the Crew game last week.

One of my favorite quotes from "Fight Club" -- one of my favorite books -- is: "It's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything."

That sums up the last three weeks for the Wizards. It’s quite possible that by losing everything, they were free to tinker. (And get exponentially lucky in the process.)

The "lost everything" part describes the combined 5-0 mauling the Wizards suffered in back-to-back weeks at the hands of the New York Red Bulls and Chivas USA. The "free to do anything" part came when Peter Vermes inserted Teal Bunbury and Craig Rocastle into the starting lineup (in place of Josh Wolff and Jack Jewsbury, respectively).*

*You could also argue that this could be the "signing" of Omar Bravo. Though, from what I've heard, the word out of Wizards camp is... well, “no comment.”

Bunbury continues to be a force in the starting lineup. He scored the lone goal against Columbus and was one post short of a trifecta in a very unlucky miss against Colorado. As for Rocastle, the ball that he played on to Davy Arnaud that set up the team's only goal was just fabulous. Not to mention his work-rate has continually improved as the season progresses.

I could go off on some of the problems that still persist. The defensive lapses, sadly, reared their ugly head. Again. Shavar Thomas was absolutely pwned by Conor Casey on two occasions. And, realistically, if Casey doesn't shank a sitter into the post, the Rapids win that game.

But they didn't and a draw was secured.

I have to admit, I thought I was going to have a write this team's obituary (for this season) at some point before the Manchester United game. (Remember, that's this Sunday.) Best result I could've figured for last week was a loss to Columbus and a draw with Colorado. That would’ve put the team at 13 points with a negative touchdown for goal differential and a season for all intents and purpose lost.

Now, there's life. Sure 16 points and fifth place in the East (and still with a negative touchdown in goal differential) is the faintest flicker of a pulse and is no way to compete for a playoff spot.

But at least the team is still breathing.

The obit can wait. Hopefully for a while. Or, at least until sometime after the Manchester United game this weekend.