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Manchester United Week, Day 1: It's not every week a global icon comes to town

This should be a massive week for Kansas City soccer.

It's fairly likely (there is still no news as of this writing) that the Wizards will sign their second ever designated player, Mexican international Omar Bravo. The Overland Park Soccer Complex will host the US Youth Soccer National Championships starting Tuesday, with the Under 19 boys James P. McGuire Cup final on Saturday broadcast on Fox Soccer Channel.

And, then, of course, there's the small matter of the world's

most popular soccer team

, Manchester United, coming to town for an exhibition against the Wizards at Arrowhead Stadium next Sunday.



be the largest soccer crowd in Kansas City history. The Wizards estimate that 60,000+ tickets have been sold for the game. The previous high-water mark for Arrowhead was a 2002 World Cup qualifier between the United States and Costa Rica in 2001. There were 37,319 that night. The U.S. women's team has the non-competitive record, drawing 36,405 fans in 1999 for a friendly with Finland.

To give this landmark event the kind of "holy crap, this is huge" attention it deserves, The Full 90 is kicking off Manchester United Week today.*

*Think Shark Week, only less about sharks and more about Dimitar Berbatov.

We will have interviews, analysis, information, top five lists, embedded videos, practice news, free candy (not included) and, basically, as much stuff we can cram into our bandwidth.

So, make sure you check back with us early and often throughout the week.