The Full 90

Quotes on a very, very surprising result

Apologies for the delay, but here's what the players/coaches had to say after the Wizards 1-0 victory over Columbus on Wednesday.

KANSAS CITY MANAGER PETER VERMES On the match and Jimmy Nielsen

“I think in the first half we kind of took it to them a little bit. We took very good chances, and they seemed to have a lot of set pieces in the first half based on the fact that we lost possession in our defensive third. Once we won the ball, we lost it and gave up a lot of set pieces in the first half. I think in the second half we started out well and as they’re trying to drive the game and get back into it, we’re trying to find some counterattack situations against them. I give both teams credit, because both teams were around the goal even though the referees added seven minutes when there was only supposed to be four in front of that goal box. First, I have to commend our team, and most importantly, our goalkeeper [Jimmy] Nielsen was huge and obviously made some great saves that saved the game.”

On his team not scoring in the second half to seal the game:

“It’s a tough thing when you can’t ice the game and could have rally put a dagger in a team. But, we’ve done this earlier in the season when we’ve scored a goal early and were able to hang on. From the team’s perspective, they can pull it together a little tighter and say ‘hey we can score a goal and hang on and we can fight through it.’ That’s a consolation at the end of the day. For sure you want to absolutely ice it because you don’t want to give them an opportunity to get back in the game.”


“We played very well as a team today. We played a clever game and a smart game and we gave 100 percent out there today. It was tough, and we knew Columbus was a good team. I think again today they showed that they are a good team, but this is just what we needed. It was a great one-nil win away from home, and it’s so important for us, and hopefully we can build on this victory today and give ourselves some confidence.”

On making some crucial saves to preserve the victory

“That’s what we need from the goalkeeper. That’s my job, and that’s what the club pays me to do. So, I’m happy for the win and, I don’t care much about my own performance.”

KANSAS CITY FORWARD TEAL BUNBURY On scoring his first career MLS goal tonight

“It felt amazing; I’ve been waiting for a while to get my first goal. My team’s been pushing me both in training and in games to keep my confidence up, and I feel like after getting my first goal, my confidence is really getting higher.”

On the importance of tonight’s victory

“It means a lot. I kept hearing how hostile and tough it was to come here and get a win, especially with this drought we’ve been having. It was really important for us to come here, high press them and not take them lightly, but still go after them. I think it’s a credit to everybody on the field, with all the work we’ve put in and getting the victory here is huge.”

COLUMBUS HEAD COACH ROBERT WARZYCHA On his second half substitutions

“I thought we started to play well in the second half. We started to create chances with the same group of guys that we started. You try to change the luck and that’s why we had some fresh legs in the end of the game.”

On the first half attack by Kansas City

“They did not come here to lose. If you look at their record, like Peter Vermes said, when they play Chivas, they dominated the game, but the result was different than they would have wished. They pressured defenders in the first half and they created a lot of chances. They hit us in the corner kick which is something that rarely happens to us this year. They made a great a run and the guy hit the target and scored the goal …We were trying to have some composure, we were trying to possess the ball. We didn’t get behind the defenders and we didn’t get behind the defenders in front. We did not have many crosses. They were fresh and organized and it was hard to break their line of defense so we had to play the ball to Jason [Garey] and try to find Guillermo [Barros Schelotto]. It didn’t work, but the second half was a little bit different. We moved the ball a little quicker and tried to find an open player and create the chances.”

COLUMBUS GOALKEEPER WILLIAM HESMER His overall thoughts on tonight’s match and Kansas City’s goal

“On the first goal, I think in my opinion, it was three mistakes: a bad cross, a bad job in the corner and a bad job of me saving it. So, anytime you have three mistakes like that it’s going to haunt you. Goalkeeping and just not putting the ball away will haunt you. So, overall, I think we’re happy with our performance, but very disappointed with the result.”

On Kansas City coming into tonight’s game with their backs to the wall

“They’re a good team and their record isn’t indicative of how good of a team they are, but we shot ourselves in the foot tonight… I think we should be disciplined enough and organized enough; this is a veteran team, so we should know that and say ‘OK,’ let’s sucker them in a pop them, but we didn’t take our chances.”

COLUMBUS MIDFIELDER ADAM MOFFAT On the team’s mentality heading Saturday’s match against New York