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Ryan Giggs talks MLS, KC and BBQ

Manchester United's star left winger took a few minutes in front of the camera to discuss the Red Devils North American tour, expectations of playing in KC and trying to sneak in some BBQ.

I will happily volunteer my Saturday night to take the Flying Welshman to Oklahoma Joe's.

Here's a few notable sections. Plus the full video at the end.

On playing in Kansas City:

“We’re all looking forward to it, looking to seeing what Kansas City is like as a city, what the teams going to be like and what the games going to be like, so you know, we’re all looking forward to it.”

“By then, it will be our third or fourth game, so we should be getting much fitness and we should be performing towards our best, so hopefully a good game, lots of goals and lots of enjoyment and just leave Kansas City with a lot of good memories for the fans.”

On American soccer and Major League Soccer:

“I think I probably took a lot more interest when David Beckham came over, because obviously I played with him, he’s a friend, so I took an interest on how football’s gone over here. Judging by the USA’s performance in the World Cup, football is healthier and very strong because they’ve got a lot of quality, both as individuals and as a team. Obviously it’s growing all the time and hopefully it will be successful. I’m sure it will because the fans that come to our games are fanatical and they know their stuff and the facilities are second-to-none as well.

On KC’s famous BBQ:

“I think our nutritionists and our dietitian probably is a bit worried about us coming to the USA, because the food is just unbelievable. Hopefully we can sneak under the radar and have a few barbeques.”

Watch the full video:

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