The Full 90

Quotes on an unexplainable event

What the players/coaches have to say about Chivas USA's remarkable 2-0 victory over the Kansas City Wizards.


"There’s nothing to say. I mean we dominated the entire game. We hit post, clay, everything, and obviously the final opportunity wasn’t finished, off but we dominated the whole entire game."

On the result

"It’s terrible. The guys put the effort in, they put everything in. We played exactly the way we had practiced all week. I commend them for the effort because the first half was probably the best half of soccer that we have played, and we came out in the second half with that same kind of intensity."

On Stéphane Auvray’s play

"I thought he played very well. His distribution was fantastic tonight. Like I said our first half was the best half we played all year, and his distribution was very, very good. He is definitely getting back into his form."

On the game

"Everything we did tonight was right besides winning the game. Possession was good, so were the energy we brought, and the chances we created. We were all over them. It’s frustrating and disappointing because you want the group to have a good feeling after the game after how much effort we put into it. We need to keep the same mentality going because if we keep putting out that much effort then things will turn around and go the other way for us."

On Michael Harrington’s play

"Mikey’s at the point now where he’s played a lot of games and he’s becoming more of a leader on this team. He’s going to keep improving, and I’m happy for him because he’s playing well, but he’s got to keep it going."


"I think we are on the right track, and sometimes in soccer you play good but you just don’t have the result. If we keep playing we will have some results for sure."

On his fitness

"I was talking before the game and I was saying that I think I need two or three more weeks, and I should be 100 percent, but I am feeling better than the last game, and I hope the next game will be better than this one."

CHIVAS USA HEAD COACH MARTIN VASQUEZ On recording their first MLS win since May 5th

"I think a great effort from our guys, especially after coming from playing Houston a few days ago and on the road against a very good team. We knew it was going to be difficult, and winning 2-0 is going to help us to keep building on our last game (a win in the US Open Cup) and now winning on the road."

On Justin Braun's two goals (He is now tied for 5th in the MLS for goals with 6)

"That's huge, and it is well deserved. He comes in every day and works. The last two games, he has come in and taken his chances, as well. He could have had another one (tonight), but I think the two chances he had, that ended up in goals, they were well taken."

On the defense, especially against all the corner kicks

"Well I would say that was why were able to win this game. Zach (Thornton) came out hurt but he came up big for us. We dealt with their dangerous forwards and their dangerous players. A zero here against a team that has very good individual players is difficult, so a lot of credit to our defense."

On getting an MLS win

"Obviously when we played Austin and Houston, we concentrated on the Open Cup. It's been good for us, so far. And we need to focus and concentrate on the MLS. And today, the guys had a level of concentration for 93 minutes and I think that is why we won."


"I think they were the result of good opportunities. The second goal, I think it was challenged well. The ball fell down to my foot, and I just tried to poke it around, and I was fortunate for it go in. The first one was kind of the same thing. I went up and someone challenged it and I just tried to push it. Once again, it went in for me. I guess the goals are coming for me now. That is nice. The team is winning. I thought the defense played strong tonight."

On what an MLS win does for the team's confidence

"It's huge. We've had a good streak with the Open Cup with a few wins and a tie, which is something we haven't had all year. The team is building confidence day by day, and I think we're coming together well as a team and playing well and fighting hard. I think that makes us hard to play against. I think that's the key for our success is that we're hard to play against."

On the defense

"They played great. I think Yamith (Cuesta), who hasn't played a lot this year, came in and stepped in and won a lot of balls for us, which is something we've been missing. Ante (Jazic) is always solid. Michael Lahoud is a very smart player, and I think he has keeps his calm back there and distributes it. Dan Kennedy came in and made some great saves for us and kept us in the game."

On being 5th in the MLS in goals