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Monday morning question: Now what?

The World Cup is over. For us soccer fans, today is like a bachelor party hangover without the headache. "You mean, we have to return to normal life without having high-quality soccer on TV nearly every day?"

Bummer, right*.

*While today is a sad day for us, let's pause for a second to remember those who have truly suffered most: The non-soccer fans who were apparently forced into watching televised soccer (or coerced into thinking about the sport for even a minute). Your torture is over. You are free now.

For the record, I'm glad Spain won. The Dutch did everything but karate kick a Spaniard in the chest (wait, that


happen) and played a fairly frustrating brand of soccer. Spain weren't clicking on all cylinders, but it's a testament to their talent that they managed to still win the Cup.


Anyway, onto the reason for this blog post: the return of the Monday Morning Question, which is a two-parter.

1: What do we do now that the World Cup is over?

We soccer fans have had the better part of the last month filled with incredible action. Today, there's nothing but memories and YouTube.

Actually, I've got a few answers for that question.

• Several teams, including Manchester City, Tottenham, Celtic, Sporting Lisbon, A.C. Milan and Juventus hit the States for summer tours starting this week. Check out Fox Soccer Channel this week and next, most of the friendlies will be televised.


US Youth Soccer National Championship Series

• The World Cup is 1,432 days away.

I don't, sadly, have an answer for this question.

2: What do we do now that World Cup is over and the Wizards are awful?

After nearly a month of high-quality international soccer, Wizards fans are left with the grim prospect of watching a team who is on pace to equal Major League Soccer's record for single-season scoring futility.

Something has to happen... but what? It's obvious the team needs a striker, who do you rate? The revamped defense is still letting in soft goals, does there need to be yet another move to strengthen the back four?

As always, the comments are open for venting, complaining, trying to find solutions or anything else.