The Full 90

July 9, 2010 7:26 PM

The best of the best from World Cup 2010 (and some of the worst)

Despite the best attempts of curmudgeons and contrarians, I’m of the mindset that this has been a really decent (not great, decent) World Cup. After all, we are guaranteed a new champion will be crowned, Ghana-Uruguay and Uruguay-Netherlands were both epic, Team USA vs. Algeria was too, the rise of the young and entertaining Germans was awesome, the high comedy of Diego Maradona was too, the soothing buzz of a vuvuzela gave our lives purpose , and, of course, Diego Forlan’s hair was just great. So, let’s start doling out some hardware, starting with The Full 90’s Best and Worst XI and then a countdown of the best goals -- with video!

The Full 90

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