The Full 90

Why Netherlands-Spain should be great. Or, Is it really almost over?

Hard to believe this is almost over and that just two more World Cup games are left. I wish this tournament came along more often than every four years. What will I do with my mornings now? Watch baseball highlight in a continuous loop on SportsCenter? [Shudders.]

It's been a mixed-bag sort of tournament. Good: Team USA, the quarter- and semifinals, David Villa, ESPN's TV coverage. Bad: Team USA, the group stage, Brazil's second half against the Dutch, European dominance, France, Italy, ESPN's radio coverage.

I think that Sunday will fall into the "good" category. Here are my reasons:

• These are two of the most accurate and attractive passing teams.

• This was the matchup that I predicted in The Full 90's ESPN Bracket Predictor. Though, I wasn't alone.* Five people picked that matchup. It breaks down like this: If Spain wins, "The Magic Spray" will win the imaginary trophy that I designed in my head; if the Dutch win, "M. Mansur 2" will take home honors.

*I was alone however in my pre-tournament love for Greece and Switzerland. Why in the hell did I pick Greece and Switzerland to qualify for the knockout stage? Sigh.

We'll be back tomorrow morning with our favorite goals of the World Cup and predictions for all the awards and The Full 90's Best XI.