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Getting Gudjohnsen: It's starting to look like the really long shot it probably always was

The Wizards wanted high-impact Icelandic striker Eidur Gudjohnsen to be the central piece of their summer transfer dealings. They might have a better shot at snagging Icelandic pop-princess Bjork.

I never really had terribly high hopes for Kansas City luring Gudjohnsen to the States (after all, do the London-Kansas City math, only pretend you've lived in Europe your hole life), but it's starting to seem like whatever flickering hopes are starting to dim. His coach at AS Monaco (who still hold his contract)

told SkySports this weekend

that, "Gud is interested in England, and England is interested in Gud."* He's most likely going to Tottenham (where he spent the end of this past season on loan), with Fulham also interested.

*I'm not gonna lie. That quote is awesome. Regardless of its silent implications about us and our fair city.

Peter Vermes told The Star last week that he hadn't made his pitch yet (and reminded that Claudio Lopez wasn't coming here until they chatted on the phone). Look, I think Vermes is a pretty decent pitch-man, but can he channel his inner "Mad Men" and overcome the kind of money Tottenham (or Fulham) will throw at him (not to mention the lure of Champions League play) and get him to Kansas City?

That might be too difficult of a pitch, even for Don Draper.

So, who's next? I say, let's hope KC is calling Riquelme.* Full press.

*Larissa or Juan Roman. Either would be great. Juan Roman would help the team more, I'm sure.

On a slightly related European-transfer tip,

several outlets are reporting that American Clint Dempsey is being targeted by Italian giants AC Milan


Probably because they've seen this: