The Full 90

Jimmy Nielsen up for save of the week, why is this depressing now?

Not long ago (like, within the last three to four weeks), this was a weekly post I actually looked forward to: The White Puma making an unreal save and getting the

Save of the Week nomination

. After Saturday, it feels almost like an insult.

Was his acrobatic save on Seth Stammler's rocket a great save? Yes. Yes it was. But why in the world was he being forced to make it? It's as if the United States men's team gave the Wizards defenders a lessen in not closing down a midfielder looking for a shot outside the box.

What I'm saying is, I feel awfully strange seeing a save nominated like this when I know in my gut it's from a shot that should've never taken place. (Plus, should a 'keeper be rewarded in this regard knowing what Juan Pablo Angel did to him later in the same game?)

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For what it's worth, he's actually in the lead as of this writing.