The Full 90

Scenes from a watch party, Part XI

Marcia Caglayan was trying to explain the passion she feels for Brazil’s soccer team.

Pointing to her stomach and lifting her hand up toward her face, she said: “It’s Brazilian, it’s coming from here.”

Well, there was certainly something inside the 30 Brazil fans who gathered Monday afternoon at Paddy O’Quigley’s in Leawood. There was no doubt that joy was bubbling up in each of them as Brazil crushed Chile 3-0.

That love for their soccer team is often expressed in music and that was the case as a four-man drum line got everyone’s toes tapping at halftime and after the game.

Ciro Reis, who wore a Brazilian jersey, was one of the drummers.

“Every game we’ll be here making people happy,” Reis said, “whether Brazil wins or loses.”

If you know anything about soccer, then it’s evident that the music is rarely needed to lift the spirits of dejected Brazil fans.

With five World Cup titles in their past, Brazil is one of the favorites to grab number six this year. Caglayan, who is originally from Brazil but now lives in Overland Park, certainly believes it’s going to happen.

“We have five and Italy got its fourth (in 2006), but they are out, and we will get six,” she boldly proclaimed.

While Caglayan had a tough time putting into words exactly how she felt about the Brazilian soccer team, her son Ahmetcan wore his feelings on his sleeves. Or rather on his head.

Ahmetcan, who is a student at Johnson County Community College, had a mohawk that was colored green and yellow. He was born in the States and his father is Turkish, so you’d expect that maybe he would have a tough time picking a side to root for. While he was pulling for the U.S. team, they’re out now.

At last year’s Confederation Cup final, he had a tough time cheering because the U.S. was playing Brazil.

“Even though I’m an American and I support this country in everything, when it comes to soccer, I support Brazil,” Ahmetcan said.

On Monday, that was plain to see.

| Pete Grathoff,