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Wizards close to signing DP, who could it be now?

It's certainly a given that the Kansas City Wizards are going to bring in a designated player before they open the stadium. The Wizards front office have said it's their top priority and Peter Vermes told me earlier this year that they were looking to the summer transfer window to make it happen.

Late last night, Thad at

The Back Post

reported "the Wizards either have come to terms or are close to finalizing terms with a player that will become the team's second DP in history."

There has been no comment (officially or unofficially) on this topic ... so, let's do some random speculating!

We know from Thad's link (and from watching the team play this season) that the player will be an attacking player (and likely a right-side midfielder or striker). You could also infer from "come to terms" or "are close to finalizing terms" that the player is likely not involved in the World Cup right now.

Here are three guesses.

1. Juan Roman Riquelme.

He's without a club and is one of the best tempo-setting midfielders in the entire world. Would pair nicely with Stephane Auvray.

2. David Trezeguet.

The French striker lacks the Thierry Henry buzz, but is a world-class finisher and would definitely improve the Wizards bite in the attacking third.

3. Omar Bravo.

The Mexican striker would be a decent fit in the MLS and would be a decent draw in the Hispanic community. Though I'm not sure you could employ both Josh Wolff and Bravo.

Having said that, I would prefer to sign these two players:

Jesper Gronkjaer.

Has shown with Denmark in the World Cup that he's still got touch, pace and vision. Would dramatically increase the right-side of our attack. Was born in Greenland, which I find beyond cool.

Esteban Cambiasso. the


Feel free to speculate on who you think it might be. I'll actually try to learn actual information.