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Video reactions to Landon Donovan's dagger goal [UPDATED! Now with more videos!]

In case you couldn't be there for the action. Here are videos from the celebration in Kansas City and several other places after Landon Donovan's goal.These are awesome and I could post them all night long... UPDATE: I have updated! Included here are videos from Las Vegas, Boston, New York and one guy's awesome celebration at home. UPDATED, v2: Included are now videos from Minneapolis, Springfield, MO., and more. From the P&L party:

Inside Johnny's Tavern:

Here are a few from around the country... Springfield, MO:

Lincoln, Nebraska:

Portland, Oregon:

The "earthquake" in Las Vegas:


New York:


Austin (I believe) at The Blind Pig Pub:


At the stadium:

One guy's living room:

Another living room:

This guy's bedroom:

Here's the goal itself:

And here's Landon Donovan's reaction post-game: