The Full 90

... and we're back. So, what have I missed?

The furlough is over today, and at least it came during a week when there was absolutely nothing of any note or interest going on in the world of soccer... right?

Seriously though, I spent the last week watching just about every minute of the World Cup (save for Slovakia-Paraguay, which was too much too early for me, and when I literally fell asleep during England-Algeria) and generally enjoying life. God bless DVRs. Having said that, it was tough to keep my mouth shut, especially whenever I'd drop by here to read the comments.

That changes from this point forward. (I've got a whole blog post planned about soccer-haters and blog comments soon.)

Big thanks to Pete Grathoff for his work (the first few days last week, he was on vacation too), which I hope will continue in the coming weeks.

There's a big week staring us down. Among the things to look forward to: Roger Espinoza and Honduras take on the powerful and wounded Spanish this afternoon, the United States play one of the most important games in our soccer history on Wednesday, the Wizards are back in action on Saturday night, I've got a rant about the role soccer-haters play, and there's a catch-up post or two about the MLS salaries.

Make sure you check back often.