The Full 90

A bit of housekeeping and a thank you

The good news: Yesterday was a great day for soccer and soccer coverage in Kansas City. Today is one of the most anticipated days in American soccer history.

The bad news: After tomorrow, I'm going on a work-imposed vacation all week and will not be allowed to contribute to the blog. (Don't cry for me, I get a soccer sabbatical all week. Cry for me, I don't get a paycheck.)

The best news: You'll be in good hands while I'm lounging around all day in a permanent soccer stupor: Friend of the blog Pete Grathoff is going to hold down the fort ... with a little assistance by a few special guests. (No spoilers, but they were both on the field in last week's draw in Toronto. One of them wasn't on the field all game. If that helps.)

After all, this blog must go on.

On a related note, I don't ask a whole lot (other than an unspoken request for decorum in the comments and you suffer through some of my "jokes"), but I will ask you for something today: If you like what we're doing here at the blog and want to see more, tell a friend to stop by and check it out. The World Cup is a great time to recruit/educate new soccer fans. I don't do this for a selfish craving for more blog hits (if I were that guy, I'd have blogs that consisted of the words "Sunil" and "Chhetri" every single day or put pictures of scantily clad ladies with each post), I do it because I want to see the soccer community in KC get stronger.

More soccer fans = more readers/watchers = more interest from newspaper editors, TV directors, soccer naysayers = more coverage from more places.

Take today's

front-page Kansas City Star story by Bill Reiter

. That story doesn't happen four years ago. It took the new Wizards stadium, the Overland Park soccer complex and fan persistence to get that story to where it got.

So, pat yourself on the back. That story is on you, the average American soccer fan. Thanks for stopping by and helping us keep this going.

Now, let's keep this growing.