The Full 90

It's a USA GameDay: Bring on the Brits!

I haven't listened to The Beatles or The Clash in almost five days. I haven't watched an episode of "Top Gear." I haven't made a Monty Python joke. Haven't even felt like watching "Hot Fuzz" -- which sort of shocks me, I always wanna watch that movie.

And I've gone out of my way to call the game "soccer" and stop my sometimes annoying habit of calling friends "mates."

That's cause I'm a full-blooded, speed-cravin',* red-meat eatin', apple-pie lovin' American.

Two weeks ago, I thought the USA could pull out a victory. Of course, two weeks ago, I also thought the Big 12 conference was going to last forever.

Today, I'm thinking a draw is the best-case scenario. The fitness of Oguchi Onyewu and the pairing of Jozy Altidore-Robbie Findlay (0 World Cup games combined!) make me nervous. I've also been reading a lot of British press, for whom the concept of England not winning this game is unfathomable. (Headline in The Sun: "Here's hopin' that England United shoot some totally awesome strikes past the goaltender in the soccerball world series today." Nice, you're aware that England coined the term "soccer" right?)

Consider the floor open for comments, speculation or whatever as it pertains to the USA-England.

* That's meant to define the act of "going fast" not the act of "using crystal meth."
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