The Full 90

Official World Cup predictions

Today is finally here. It feels like this has been, like, four years or something in the making. Some quick predictions before Mexico-South Africa start things off. • Netherlands vs. Spain in the World Cup final

• The United States will reach the quarterfinals (but won't beat England)

• Mexico will win Group A

• Serbia will win Group D

• Brazil will get beat by the Dutch

• Robin Van Persie will win the Golden Boot

• Cristiano Ronaldo will have a subpar tournament and flop on the ground like a fish waaaaay too much

• An African team will make the quarterfinals, and it will be Cameroon

• Spain will win the World Cup

• My simulation of the World Cup on EA Sport's FIFA World Cup 2010 won't come true (it was France beating Italy on penalties) because France won't get out of their group and Italy won't get past Cameroon. I hope you enjoy this World Cup as much as I plan on enjoying it.