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GameDay 11: Taking a break from all your worries

The last game before the World Cup break is, well, kind of a make or break game for the Wizards.

Expansion Philadelphia Union will come into CommunityAmerica Ballpark riding a wave of inconsistency, while the Wizards have only pulled three points in their last 9 games.

A win makes everything a little easier before the two-week World Cup break. A loss (or a tie) makes everyone question whether this team should bother showing up after the two-week World Cup break.

Regardless what happens tonight, a two-week break might just be the best thing for this team. Not that they appear tired or look lethargic, but I feel this two-week stretch will be "Training Camp, Take 2." If my memory works correctly (sometimes, it don't), the team did pretty well in the first few games after "Training Camp, Take 1."

I'm thinking the Wizards win. I'm not predicting a thrilling result (something like 1-0), but a victory would move KC back to the middle of the table, get them on double-digit points and prove to their fans that they can in fact win another game this year.

Vive les Wizards!

The comments are open for your thoughts, concerns, worries or disinterest (after all, the World Cup is freaking ONE day away!)...

(I've got the theme song from "Cheers" stuck in your head now, don't I? Could be worse, I could've gone with "Diff'rent Strokes" or "The Greatest American Hero.")