The Full 90

The Full 90's Player of the Week This Week: Jimmy Nielsen

In perhaps the least surprising bit of news to hit since "Super Size Me" revealed that fast food was bad for you, this week's Full 90 Player of the Week This Week is the same guy that it's been pretty much for the entirety of this nine-game winless streak (I'm not certain and I'm too lazy to research)...

Jimmy "The White Puma" Nielsen.

Last week in Salt Lake City, he kept the game semi-respectable (i.e., kept it from becoming The Wizards Waterloo aka "6-0 FC Dallas") and on Saturday in Toronto he was simply phenomenal. He made six Save of the Week-caliber stops and was the only reason the team were able to leave Toronto with points.

It's been apparent for some time (especially to ex-goalkeepers like myself) that Nielsen's positioning and reading of the game is just flat out fantastic. He makes solid routine saves, excellent one-on-one saves, drop-jaw spectacular saves (like sitting on the ball against Columbus) and is never, ever out of position.

I believe (again too lazy to research today) that he's been up for Save of the Week every week this season and has twice saved a shot with his face.

Before the season is out, there will be much discussion about Jimmy Nielsen being the best off-season pickup in the MLS and, possibly, discussion about Nielsen being the best 'keeper in the league.

Have I mentioned that he's saved a shot with his face... twice?

Tune in tomorrow and help me flood the polls for The White Puma.