The Full 90

Quotes on a boring draw

What the players/coaches had to say after the scoreless draw between the Kansas City Wizards and Toronto FC.


Asked if happy about first road points and if it was fair result…

“I would say yes to both. We knew this was going to be a battle, it was going to be a grinding type game. Although in the first four games of the season we had that mentality that we could grind it out no matter what the situation was, we kind of lost that along the way a little bit. It was great for us to get back to that today because at the end of the day we grinded one out.”


On the game

“I think we did a great job, it was great to play with huge discipline. Even when we were one man ahead, we were still keeping the discipline in the team. When we got a man sent off, it was an open game again, and I think we worked really, really hard today. Of course it’s better to win but with a couple of losses in a row, it’s important to get the points. Today we have something to build on, and we have a very important game Thursday before the break against Philadelphia. If we can get a win there, we’ll be back.”


On the game

“I thought it was a fair result. They had two good chances Jimmy Nielson made some pretty good saves, and obviously we were dangerous and had a man up for about 30-40 minutes. When we look back and think we’ll be more disappointed that we didn’t take advantage of that especially in the first before they could make their adjustments at half time.”

“I think we really believe this is the start of a run. We have Philadelphia at home, and obviously they are feeling pretty good about themselves after they just won in Houston last week, so they are going to be having that confidence that they can do it on the road against a tough opponent. But we know what we have to do. These are valuable points, so hopefully this is the start of a run.”


On the game

“I take this as a loss, I thought the goalkeeper made 2 or 3 really good saves in the first half and kept them in the game and then we lose Nick Garcia. We had to change the way we played a little bit, but we still had a couple good moments in the first half that we could have nicked a goal or two. Then obviously the second half both teams were slow, lethargic, both teams were tired, hot weather. I was extremely disappointed with the substitutions that came on because I expect the guys to come on and work hard for the group and that was something that disappointed me.”

On Julian de Guzman’s play

“Yeah once we made the substitution both he and Chad (had a dead leg) Julian gets his hamstring, Amadou gets sick at halftime. I mean you name it, and it went wrong for us today on that side of things. The good thing is now we have a few weeks to heal all those things and move forward to second part of the year.”


On the game

“I’m disappointed, we were going out to get the three points, finish off on a high. Considering the fact we had a red card early, it was difficult, but I thought we did well as a whole defensively. Other than that – we wanted the 3 points, but we managed to keep a clean sheet and come away with a point, and we’ll take it from there.”


On the game

“We worked hard together as a team, the red card was a little unfortunate and we definitely could of gotten 3 points out of it, we got 1 and it is what it is.”

“Unfortunately things like this do happen, and a lot of times you see teams lose those games but we battled, got a tie out of it, and we just got to go into the break with our heads up – we’ve done something pretty remarkable over the last couple of weeks and we’ve just got to keep going.”


On the game

“We were playing at home we want to get a result we still got a clean sheet we could of gotten a goal there. I was real mad just to get that dead leg and not really to be able to continue and then when we got down to 10 men Julian pulled his hamstring and that was kind of like 9 guys. Julian give him credit did great the last 20 minutes he had a great chance to maybe steal the points.”