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GameDay 10: It's a must win, eh?

I hate to say that a June match between the Kansas City Wizards and Toronto FC is a must-win, do-or-die game. Thanks to parity (and just like baseball), anything that happens before the All-Star break is usually irrelevant.

But when your recent form reads a little like this -- LLTLLTLL -- then that changes things a wee bit. Right? The Wizards can't score, they can't win on the road and they haven't shown they can get up for a game when Davy Arnaud isn't in the lineup (DC anyone?). At the beginning of the season, I'd have expected a tie with TFC at the very least. Not anymore.

Not with the Wizards traveling north of the border without Stephane Auvray, Roger Espinoza and Arnaud, and road form that's actually below horrendous. I'm expecting the worst. Like the single greatest Canadian tragedy since John Candy made "Wagon's East" or Bryan Adam's work on the "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" soundtrack.

It won't be 4-1 like last week, more likely 2-0.*

*BTW, this negativity is coming from one of the most sports optimistic people you'll ever read.

Kickoff is 3 p.m. on KCWE (Ch. 29) from BMO Field in Toronto.

If you want to disagree, agree or speculate on the future of Peter Vermes (as Mike at Down The Byline has done), the comments are open.

On a somewhat brighter and happier (hopefully) note, tomorrow is also a USA GameDay, with the Yanks taking on Australia in their final World Cup warmup friendly. The game is on bright and early at 7:30 a.m. Central. Who's making the coffee?

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