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Five for Friday: Jonathan Leathers

Wizards Jonathan Leathers grew up in Athens, Ga., which has quite a musical heritage. The B-52s and R.E.M. both were formed there. So, of course, The Full 90 wanted to know about Leathers’ musical tastes.

The Full 90: What is on your Ipod? Leathers:

“We’ll do Pandora, because I love Pandora. I’ve got Dave Matthews, I don’t mean to be cliché, but I love Dave. Goo-Goo Dolls, Lighthouse, John Forman.”

The Full 90: Growing up in Athens, were you aware of the musical tradition of the city, which is where bands such as R.E.M. are also from?

“I got glimpses of it. I played club soccer in Atlanta, so I ended up spending maybe four or five days a week in Atlanta. So there was a lot of community and I didn’t get to delve into that whole cultural experience.”

The Full 90: Growing up, what was your favorite soccer team? Leathers:

“I’d say Man U. I was always watching them. I always loved them. It was easy to. When there’s a really successful team, it’s easy to watch them and enjoy them, but I always enjoyed their style of play.”

The Full 90: Are you excited about them coming on July 25 at Arrowhead Stadium? Leathers:

“When I heard, I was like ‘No waaaaaay. That’s unbelievable.’ That’s a great opportunity.”

The Full 90: Who will win the World Cup? Leathers: