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The World Cup, it's only 11 days away

I've been waiting for this month to start for, uh, months now. And it's finally here. Next Friday, it's wall-to-wall soccer, as Mexico vs. South Africa kicks off the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The news today is that every team must have their 23-man roster set. Some have been set for weeks (like Brazil), some were set before the trip (like the USA) and some have already been set this morning. Of the early cuts this morning, the biggest surprise so far (other than Mexican star

Giovani Dos Santos allegedly considering quitting the team because his brother Jonathan was left off the roster have all-time leading scorer Benni McCarthy on the roster


England is awaiting a fitness test for Gareth Barry to release their roster. (We'll have a more comprehensive wrap-up when that decision is made.)

In case you weren't pumped up enough by the Nike "Write the Future" ad, here's Puma's "Journey of Football" ad. It's not got the same star power as Nike's, but it might just be a little bit better on the goosebump/music level.

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