The Full 90

Monday question: Is this reality?

Firstly, we hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day. Secondly, remember to thank any and all veterans you come across for their service to this country.

OK, now back to the Wizards. Chances are you and me (and several other people) thought things had turned around from last year. New players were brought in. A new formation was installed. New coach Peter Vermes stressed fitness and pressure above all else. The team came out of the gate fast, with two wins, hung tough until controversy reared its head in Seattle and played MLS-best Los Angeles to a standstill.

And then the proverbial crap hit the very real, very large fan. They're winless in seven games and I'm not sure a Garmin device could help them find the back of the net right now. (Though, Garmin would make a great sponsor.)

So today's question is a simple one: Is


reality? Was the first month of the season just fantasy? Are we caught in a landslide? (Sorry, been listening to a lot of Queen recently.)

Follow up question: How long do you give the team to escape from this slide? After Toronto? After the World Cup break? Now? Last week?