The Full 90

GameDay 9: This just got Real

Kansas City's road form has been, to put it bluntly, not very good. Like listening to an off-tune and inebriated co-worker karaoke "We Built This City" at an office party. Only one goal (against D.C.) so far away from CommunityAmerica Ballpark. Of course, Real Salt Lake's form at Rio Tinto is impeccable. They haven't lost at home in more than a year.

Doesn't sound like the right conditions to get this six-game winless streak turned around, does it?

For your information: We're making some changes to the pre-game schedule. We'll have The Full 90's GameDay post (hey, like this one) up on Friday. It's shrinking. We'll provide a few notable pieces of info and open up the floor to comments. Like a pre-game open thread. The Star's print preview will be posted on Saturday.

Of note

• The Wizards have yet to score a goal from a corner and have only one from a free kick.

So, what do you think? Can the 'Zards figure out how to score a goal on the road? Who will be missed more, Espinoza/Auvray or Findley/Beckerman? Does Teal Bunbury earn a second start? What about Jonathan Leathers? Will Josh Wolff be forced to deal with life on the bench ... again? Should he be on the bench?

Have at it in the comments.