The Full 90

Monday question: How can the Wizards break this slump?

Over the last 6 games, the Wizards have managed a meager 3 goals. No coincidence, they haven't won in 6 games. This despite, with the exception of the game in Houston, having dominated most every aspect of those games. Unfortunately, the category the Wizards have most dominated is: Missed scoring chances.

On Sunday, Peter Vermes made a change to the offense (and in the process answered

last week's question worked

There was quality there, there were chances, but at the end, you were kind of left wanting.

So if swapping Bunbury for Josh Wolff didn't work, what will? What's the solution? How can the Wizards solve this problem in front of the goal?

Here are some possible answers:

a) Four forwards.

b) Just shoot it.

c) Sunil Chhetri! Sunil Chhetri! Sunil Chhetri!

d) Jimmy Conrad at striker.

e) Animal sacrifice night at the CAB.

What do you think? Are you missing Zoltan as much as I am?