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Soccer Day in KC ... lineup changes afoot? ... Beasley signed?

The mayors of Kansas City, Joe Reardon in Kansas and Mark Funkhouser in Missouri, will unite in celebrating the United States officially submitting its bid to host a World Cup to FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland on Friday.

Mayor Reardon will issue a proclamation at 11 a.m. declaring tomorrow "Soccer Day in Kansas City", Mayor Funkhouser and the Kansas City Council approved it this afternoon.

Kansas City was chosen in January as one of 18 host cities that will be included in the United States’ bid to host the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup, with the newly-renovated 76,000-capacity Arrowhead Stadium serving as the city’s primary venue. Kansas City offers unrivaled amenities and affordable prices for fans, world-class facilities for teams and a rich history as the quintessential American city. Over 12,000 people have already signed the petition to bring the FIFA World Cup to Kansas City – you can do so today by visiting

To show support to the USA Bid Committee and spread the word, the Wizards are asking Kansas City sports fans to help explode a "Tweet Bomb" at 1 p.m. CT tomorrow.

Tweet this:

.@goUSAbid gives FIFA their bid to host World Cup. Sign petition to support the USA! #goUSAbid PLS RT

Note: Make sure you keep the "." in front of @goUSAbid. That way, everyone that sees your feed can see it and not just "@goUSAbid."

In other news:

• We've got a Beasley. No, not DeMarcus Beasley, late of the Scottish powerhouse Rangers. His older brother, Jamar, late of the Kansas City Comets, the Chicago Fire and New England Revolution. There's been no official release on it (

just Run DMB tweeting it
announcing the rumor

. (If you ask me, if a PR-arm prints any sort of rumor it seems to the entire world that it's true.)

• Read into this what you will, but the official game notes released today by the Wizards shows the team lined up in a traditional 4-4-2 with some rather surprising lineup changes. First off, Kei Kamara is joined by Teal Bunbury up top. Secondly, Jack Jewsbury has moved to the right side of midfield. Thirdly, Stephane Auvray isn't listed in the lineup, instead Davy Arnaud and Santiago Hirsig are in the middle. Lastly, Jimmy Conrad is joined in the center of defense by Matt Besler.

Of course, that's just the "probable" lineup. It could mean nothing. But I think, with the trouble this team has had scoring, trying out the duo of Bunbury/Kamara (who seem to have chemistry on the field) isn't a bad thing. My other guess is that Auvray is more injured than has been let on.

• The Star video staff was out at Wizards training camp to interview Roger Espinoza about his World Cup call-up. (Teaser alert: They were also there to film a few features that will run later this month. One of them may or may not involve Kei Kamara intentionally nailing a Star reporter with a free kick.)