The Full 90

The Full 90 Player of the Week This Week: Roger Espinoza

The Wizards had an off week this weekend, but that doesn't mean we aren't going to award a Player of the Week This Week Award. (Of course, since we forgot completely to award one last week, this is a two-week award.)

After turning in a solid game in Houston and then turning in one of the bright spot performances in the disturbing loss to D.C., this award (for the second time this year) goes to Kansas City's left back Roger Espinoza.

And, since it was announced this week that Espinoza will likely be the only Wizard in the World Cup, it seems more than just a little appropriate.

It's not yet known when Espinoza will leave for national team duty (most likely, after this weekend's game as Honduras will train in Germany before the Cup), but it's almost a certainty that this will be a huge, huge loss. I see Michael Harrington stepping across the field to take the left back and Chance Myers or Jonathan Leathers taking over on the right.

Holy warmed over guacamole will the Wizards miss Espinoza. But, congrats on him. He's a deserving recipient.