The Full 90


You know about the shot heard around the world, but how about the miss seen around the world?

Unfortunately for the Wizards’ Kei Kamara, his botched attempt to score from 6 inches in front of an empty net has gained him international fame. But to his credit, Kamara is not letting that miss against the Los Angeles Galaxy on April 24 define who he is as a player.

Kamara, a native of Sierra Leone, talks about the miss and a few other things in this week’s version of Five for Friday.

THE FULL 90: What’s on your iPod?

Tons. There are tons of African songs, mainly from Sierra Leone, but also from Senegal and the Ivory Coast. I’m into the African dance music.

THE FULL 90: Do you watch much TV and if so what?

Yes, yes. I watch TV a lot. I’m kind of all over the place, but "Heroes" is one of my favorite TV shows. I’m just surfing the television now.

THE FULL 90: As for your miss, what’s it like to get worldwide fame?

I can’t be mad at myself for making a mistake. That’s it. It is what it is. It happens to the best. It was just one of those bloopers that I was a victim of. But I can’t be mad at myself for making football history.

THE FULL 90: You have a good reason for what happened, right? Didn’t you slip? KAMARA:

Yeah, well, I don’t blame the turf. I don’t blame my shoes, I don’t blame anything. I blame my focus. It’s something I have to take responsibility for. I don’t blame it for slipping.

THE FULL 90: Did you hear about it from many people? KAMARA:

All over the world. I have family in England, people in Norway. Yes. I’ve gotten calls that I haven’t had in many, many years.