The Full 90

Three quick thoughts on a loss

The Kansas City Wizards controlled every category but one... the scoreboard. Stop me if you're heard this story before.

It always sucks to lose. But it especially sucks to lose to a team that hadn't won a game before (and who doubled their goal total in the process of earning their first victory).

Here are a few quick thoughts after the Wizards 2-1 loss to D.C. United.

• D.C. United opted for a strange strategy. Step 1: Punt the ball up-field. Step 2: Hope Kansas City makes a mistake. Step 3: Capitalize. Curt Onalfo is a genius. That absolutely, positively worked. It ruined the press and negated the entire flow of the game. It also probably required about 10 hours less preparation than Dominic Kinnear's absolutely solid game-plan to beat the Wizards press last Saturday. So Onalfo got the job done without nearly working as hard. That's a huge WIN WIN for CO.

• Chance Myers looked like he was playing in his first game as a professional. What was up with that? He looks dangerous every time he enters the game this year and tonight he turns the ball over (easily) on more than one occasion. I rescind my request that he enter the starting lineup. But I honestly can't give you a better option on the right wing. It's a problem.

• Do you know what changed after the 1-0 victory over Colorado in April? The defensive pairing. The first two games of the season, Jimmy Conrad and Matt Besler seemed locked in. Then, in Seattle, Pablo Escobar entered. You hate to pin the team's struggles on one player (after all, the team can't score too), but it's a little more than a coincidence. Escobar is a very raw and athletically gifted player. But he fell asleep in Seattle in stoppage time, helped make Dominic Oduro look like a world beater and gave away two goals tonight to DC. Bring back Besler!

Here's a bonus thought (which I tweeted) but I think it's worth discussing.

• Let's get Ryan Smith to pull some Arsenal strings and Stephane Auvray to assert some French influence and get soon-to-be-MLS-player Thierry Henry to Kansas City. He makes perfect sense. The biggest issue we have is a lack of resolve around the net. Henry has that in spades. We play an on-the-floor offensive game, that also suits him. We've also got at least one French restaurant too! Thoughts?

A 2-1 loss isn't the end of the world. Vive le Wizards!