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Here's a shocker... Arnaud's red card deemed "harsh" has their weekly interview with U.S. Soccer Director of Referee Development Paul Tamberino

, and they reviewed the decisions made by MLS refs this past weekend.

I hope you're sitting down. Davy Arnaud's straight red card for making contact with Pat Onstad (who has never, ever, never faked ever, not once!) was ruled to be "harsh."

“Of the five we had this week, we saw a lot of discussion about the Davy Arnaud one,” Tamberino said. “For us we feel it’s a little bit harsh even though the studs were exposed. He does make contact with Pat Onstad’s arm. There really is no deliberate intention coming in there. It’s more of an unthoughtful challenge than malicious. The leg wasn’t locked and he didn’t lunge at him. We thought that was a bit harsh but the ref has a different view on the field. We have the luxury of the replay.”