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Manchester United coming to Kansas City?

It's already one of the worst-kept secrets that

Manchester United will be in the States this summer

as part of an USA-Mexico tour after the World Cup. Part of the tour will reportedly see the Red Devils playing the

MLS All-Stars in Houston

and will open Chivas' new stadium

as part of their deal to buy striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez


And, now, according to a

tweet by Rob Heineman,

president of the Wizards, Man U is KC bound.

This is fantastic news, of course. There are no details as of yet, of course. It's not even certain if this is part of this summer tour or something different.

Thoughts? Excited? Don't care? Or did you already know this was coming by looking at your season ticket and seeing a picture of the Wizards and the Red Devils walking through the new Wizards stadium?

Vive le Wizards (and their ownership group for all the work they're doing to raise the profile of soccer in this city).