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Miss of the century?

The British media is prone to hyperbole. Shocked? I know. But it's true. They are the most hyperbolic media institution in the history of the entire printed word!

And they've decided to turn their hyperbole machine on our fair city and our favorite striker from Sierra Leone, Kei Kamara. It was The Sun (again, you're shocked, I know) who featured a story about it titled

"Is this the miss of the century?"

A sample: "The hitman from Sierra Leone created an instant YouTube sensation by somehow managing to miss an open goal from less than six INCHES with no one near him. Instead of netting the sitter in the middle of the goal after the ball hit the post, leaving keeper Donovan Ricketts stranded, Kamara took a wild swing, missed it completely, fell over and knocked the ball in with his ARM."

Kamara himself said

he's not really sure what happened

. I've seen it about a dozen times now and I really can't explain it either. It appeared that he simply slipped on the wet turf. But that seems far too easy of an explanation for missing from six inches out.

Here's the video of the incident. The action starts about 1:28 in.

You probably have to consider it amongst the biggest missed sitters of the last century. But I've found five more that are far, far worse. Like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

This of course, is the worst miss I've ever seen in my entire life. At least Kamara can blame the weather and the conditions for his miss. What does this guy have to excuse this absolute disaster? Nothing. The horrible techno music only makes it worse!

That's five missed sitters from the last decade and I didn't even mention Fulham's Bobby Zamora ONCE!