The Full 90

Post-Match Wrap: As exciting as 0-0 draws get

During a long season, in a sport in which frustration is as common as green grass, orange slices, hard tackles and awful mohawks, results like the scoreless draw between Kansas City and Los Angeles are bound to happen.

For a lot of people, any sport that can end with a board full of zeroes is a pointless endeavor. (Puns!) Sometimes, defense wins out. And sometimes, all the pressure in the world can't yield results. But anyone who complains about the result have obviously already lost the plot. What's not to love about a game that featured 23 shots (11 of them on frame), 21 fouls and about 14 on-field shoving matches?

There are some writers who could could spew 3,000 words (or more) about the glorious beauty of a scoreless draw. Thankfully for you (and maybe for me), I'm not one of them.

Here are my thoughts on Saturday night's action-packed and highly charged draw.

The Impressives

Jack Jewsbury

It's either Action Jack or Jimmy Nielsen for player of the week. I'll accept no substitutes. I go with Jack. Dude was everywhere.

The Wizard's back four

No Jimmy Conrad, facing the biggest goal scoring threat in the league and the greatest American player ever... no problem.

The referee's understanding and enforcement of throw-in placement

Obviously, something the MLS has mentioned once or twice.

Donovan Ricketts

Mark it down, he will score a goal on a free-kick or drop-kick before his MLS career is over. Such a massive leg. He's not a bad 'keeper to boot.

The Not-So-Impressives

The Wizards offense

Not even Kei Kamara can really explain how he missed kicking (and instead wound up punching) the ball into a wide-open net


Josh Wolff

Anyone else feel that Chance Myers needs a start? I mean, I like Josh Wolff. He's a hard-working player and has always been a personal favorite of mine. But he's not a winger. (Neither is Kamara for that matter, and he's rightfully been moved to central striker.) Wolff's biggest problem the last three games was he just didn't see the ball enough. Putting him on the wing didn't really help that. What's worse, putting him on the right side rooted Michael Harrington to the Wizards half of the field and stopped him from lunging forward like usual. I don't know where Wolff fits on this team. It's not as a lone striker and it's not on the wing. Maybe he would solve the problem of not having an experienced striker to bring on late in the game to help chase a goal. Because, well, just read the next item...

Birahim Diop

I am not a tactical expert or talent scout or even remotely considered an "expert" on the sport of soccer. But I know this from about 10 minutes of action: Birahim Diop isn't a striker.* He made his first appearance for KC as a late-game sub for Kamara. His touch is rough and he completely botched possession inside and around the box.

*You could put this on Peter Vermes, who removed both strikers from the field late in the game with the team pushing and surging towards the goal looking for a game winner. But PV wasn't going to put Teal Bunbury on in that situation against Los Angeles. He's too young and would've been swallowed up by the Galaxy backline. First time we've really missed Zoltan this year. Just putting it out there again: Wouldn't Myers on the wing and Wolff on the bench solve these kind of problems?