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Good morning Kansas City, here's some news

A few items worth noting this morning:

• According to Wizards president Robb Heineman at Big Soccer,

the rumors

of DeMarcus Beasley's brother, Jamar, coming to KC are true.

The older Beasley hasn't played in the MLS in seven years. But, in following the Birahim Diop trend, Beasley played for assistant coach Zoran Savic.

Heineman posted


unless something changed today - he's coming in for a trial

and two more as well.....

The Full 90 has placed an inquiry about this. We'll get back to you when there's more to report. (Hat tip to Down the Byline for spotting this.)

• The Wizards and Los Cabos at the Legends are having a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" event tonight to raise money for Autism Speaks. Jimmy Conrad, Ryan Smith, Craig Rocastle and Kei Kamara will be waiting tables for the charity event. Los Cabos will donate 10 percent of every bill and then will match the total by the end of the night. It's a great cause and you can read more



• It's poster giveaway night Saturday at CommunityAmerica Ballpark.

• Blog note: The job that affords me the luxurious lifestyle to which I'm accustomed has me swamped this week, and, as such, the nightly news report will return on Monday night. Luckily, we've got a bunch of stuff ready to go for you still. Including: My picks for the U.S. World Cup roster, The Full 90's Player of the Week This Week, a scouting report on the LA Galaxy, an informative and fun Five for Friday, and an in-depth interview with Kei Kamara.