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Extra Time 04.20.10 | The Nightly News Report

Found! A U.S. referee that says Brad Evans gained an unfair advantage by taking a first down on the game-winning throw in. Found! Video of Ryan Smith "rapping." Found! Evidence that Barcelona are beatable if you make them travel by bus. Found! Video evidence that if you jump into the crowd to celebrate, you might just get slapped in the face.See what else we've "found" in the nightly news round-up.

Wrapping up a days worth of news, links, rumors and rampant speculation.

The Wizards

• I'm just saying...

“We feel that the Seattle player [Evans] got an unfair advantage on the throw-in,” [U.S. Soccer Director of Referee Development Paul] Tamberino said. “We always give our players a little bit of leeway on the point of the throw, two or three yards. But in this case it’s a good 12 to 15 yards advantage, and it’s an unfair advantage.”



] (By the way, if any Seattle straggler is still sniffing around these parts, take a deep breath before posting. Relax.)• An Arsenal blog has a "where are they now" item on Ryan Smith. It features the first video evidence I've found of Ryan Smith's music. [

Young Guns Blog


I once fancied myself a music critic, but I'm not venturing an opinion on this one. I need more than one small sample to make that kind of judgment. I will say that I'm glad he's really good at football.• I really, really like this feature at Really. Really do. [

]• Look for an interview with Kei Kamara this weekend with Terez Paylor in The Star. It was apparently the longest interview Kamara has ever had, at just under an 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The Next Opponent

Stuff you wanna hear or read about the players you need to know about: • Edson Buddle. [

Match Fit USA

] • Landon Donovan. [


] • But, of course, Bruce Arena says this is the deepest team he's had in LA. Which has been, what, two years? [



Today's Must Read

The Top 10 movies about soccer. What, no "Fever Pitch"? And what about "The Damned United"? That was a great flick. [

The Spoiler



• One month in, what's hot and what's not. [

WV Hooligan

] • Goal of the week candidates. Obviously, the Wizards don't feature. [

MLS Insider

] • Hey, Seattle is really trying to have a rave in the near future aren't they? Day-glo yellow for the third-kit? Who's bringing the house music, I'll bring the pacifiers. [

Go Sounders


Power Ranking Rodeo!

Yee-Haw! The Wizards average "power" ranking according to the five "power" rankers I choose to track (Fox Soccer is dead to me): 4. Pretty fair. • Goal has the Wizards third. Analysis: The "pressing style" travels well. [


]• WV Hooligan also has 'Zards third. Analysis: They were "unlucky" not to get a point. [

WV Hooligan

]• ESPN drops them to six. Analysis: The team is "competent" now. Better than "no-names" I guess. [


]• Soccer by Ives: 5th. Analysis: The team should "tough to beat" at home. [

Soccer by Ives

]• Steve Davis puts the 'Zards third. Analysis: Agrees with "unlucky" assessment. [

Sports Illustrated


MLS schedule Thursday, April 22

· Seattle FC at FC Dallas, 7 p.m. -- ESPN2

Saturday, April 24

· Philadelphia at New York, 3 p.m.

· Real Salt Lake at Columbus, 6:30 p.m.

· Colorado at New England, 6:30 p.m.

· Houston at Chicago, 7:30 p.m.


Los Angeles at Kansas City, 7:30 p.m.

-- Ch. 29 (KCWE)

· San Jose at Chivas USA, 9:30 p.m. -- FSC

Sunday, April 25

· Seattle FC at Toronto FC, 1 p.m.

The Champions League

• Jose Mourinho is magic, right? Or was it Barcelona's tough bus ride to Italy that led to Inter Milan's stunning 3-1 victory? Just a fantastic game. Can the Lyon-Bayern match follow suit? [

The Guardian


On TV Wednesday

· Olympic Lyon vs. Bayern Munich, 1:45 p.m. -- Fox Soccer Channel

The Midwest

• A look back at St. Louis' first home game in the USSF Division II. [

ACSTL Fanatic



• Good news: My nickname namesake Oguchi "Gooch" Onyewu resumes training with AC Milan. [

Soccer by Ives

] • The New York Times thinks Claudio Reyna is a great hire for the U.S. The Full 90 concurs. [

New York Times

] • The incredible journey of Full 90 favorite Herculez Gomez.[

Ventura County Star


The World Cup

• Behold! The World Cup soccer ball! It's... it's... well, it looks like a soccer ball.

Around the World

• Three French internationals, including Franck Ribery, are being questioned about an underage prostitution case in France. [


] • Chelsea's Michael Essien is probably out for the rest of the season. [


] • Tim Howard thinks Everton's recent run of form proves they deserve European football next year. If Aston Villa continues their collapse, Everton will be there. [

Sports Illustrated

] • This is not a reprint from last week, Kansas-native Michael Thomas dressed but did not feature in Halmstads BK's 3-0 win over GAIS. Thomas has not played for the Swedish side since a 6-0 thrashing earlier this year. [


] • Oh the ravages of Twitter! DeMarcus Beasley (the dastardly yank!) had the audacity (the temerity!) to compare (in a joking fashion!) Glasgow to the Bronx. (Twitter is killing irony.) [

The Scottish Sun


Soccer Media

• Bad ESPN. Did the world-wide leader plagiarize The Guardian? [

The Offside

] • Good ESPN. Add this to your library. [

The Offisde Rules

] • Good DirecTV: They are adding GolTV HD. Bad DirecTV: They still don't have FSC in HD. [

EPL Talk


Shameless Self-Promotion

• In case you missed it: The Full 90 spoke with KC youth coach Gaspard D'Alexis about taking over the head coaching job for the women's national team in Haiti. [

The Full 90


Just for Fun

• I'd call that a celebration fail. For sure. (via With Leather)