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Some links and news to get you through the day

It's a little over 24 before until the Wizards get their first taste of the road in Seattle. Here are a couple of links, some news and a few notes to get you through the rest of the afternoon.

Watch it by yourself

The game will be televised live at 2 p.m. on KCWE in Kansas City. Unlike last year, announcers Dave Borchardt and Sasha Victorine will be live at the game. Hooray not calling the game from a monitor in Kansas City.Here's the details on where to find KCWE if you don't know how to use your remote control.

Standard Definition Signal. Over the Air: 29 Time Warner Cable: 7 Comcast Cable MO: 2 Comcast Cable KS: 13 Sure West (formerly Everest) cable: 16 Sunflower Broadband: 17 Dish Network: Channel 29 Direct TV: Channel 29 AT&T: 29 Charter Cablevision: Warrensburg or Sedalia: 2High Definition Signal. Over the Air: D29-01 Time Warner Cable: 1431 Comcast Cable MO: 236 Comcast Cable KS: 236 Sure West (formerly Everest) cable: 615 Sunflower Broadband: 206

Watch it with some company

If drinking some brew and cheering the Wizards with like minded individuals is your bag, then a watch party is probably in your future. The Hillcrest Syndicate and the Wizards are holding a party at the Fox and Hound in Overland Park.

See the map


Pre-game listening

Former MLS player Jared Montz had Wizards defender Michael Harrington on his podcast this week.

Give it a listen


Tomorrow's referee

Jair Marrufo

is the referee (haven't verified this yet, the MLS is late with the pre-game cards. You're shocked, I know). Marrufo got himself in a bit of hot water, as he's the ref that allegedly accepted Cauauhtemoc Blanco's jersey last year.

Some previews

• The official MLS preview. [


]• Goal's two-headed preview. One guy says 2-0 Seattle. The other says 2-0 Kansas City. [


]• A look from the Seattle perspective. [

Go Sounders


The Star's preview and my final thoughts will drop (that's what the kids still say right?) tomorrow morning. Viva la Wizards!