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Five for Friday: Kyle Rogers, the Wizards digital strategist

QUESTION: This year, you've taken on the role of Digital Strategist, what all does that entail? What is your job during the week? What's your role during gameday? Rogers: QUESTION: When the MLS launched its new web site and platform, it was laced with multiple problems. Some would say it was launched far too early. The Wizards waited to launch their site. Was that a decree from the MLS or was it an in-house decision? If it was in-house, what were the primary concerns? Rogers:
Follow up: What are some of the features of the new site that didn't exist in the old platform? And, if you can answer, what issues are you still working out? When do you see them being sorted out?
Rogers: QUESTION: Social media has obviously given the team a wider reach than just the immediate region; the influx of Indian fans is evidence of that. What sort of things are you guys working on to help facilitate the fandom of folks who don't have a chance to come out and see the team in person?
Rogers: QUESTION: What have you found to be the biggest benefit of Twitter? What about the biggest issue? Same questions with Facebook. And what do you think would happen if both sites fell into the same morass as MySpace? Rogers:
QUESTION: What's the future of social media for the Wizards? Robb Heineman, who makes his presence known on the Big Soccer boards and on Twitter, has said he wants to emphasize the fan experience in the new stadium. What role does social/digital media have to play in the Wizards future? Rogers: Hillcrest Road
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