The Full 90

Post-Match Wrap: Under Pressure

* The "p" in that last word is silent of course. Alliteration and all. * A pressure-forced error, in my opinion, is one of the following -- a tackle takeaway, a misplaced pass, a pass that dribbles out of bounds, an interception or a shot splayed into the crowd (or any similar misplayed scoring attempt). I kept track of the errors as I watched the replay of the game. I did not include in that number missed crosses, corner kicks or clearances. I counted only mistakes in between the penalty spots that led to a direct change of possession.

The Impressive

Kei Kamara's scoring touch

Jimmy Conrad and Matt Besler

Stèphane Auvray

Jimmy Nielsen

The Not-so-Impressive

Kei Kamara's passing touch

Julien Baudet and Conor Casey

The Officiating

The Wizards sitting on a lead

Up Next: Colorado (again) on Tuesday night in the U.S. Open Cup.