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It's a beautiful day for some soccer

Badger Bob Johnson

, it's a great day for some soccer.

The weather for today is officially

awesome with a chance of magnificent

. The temperature at gametime will be about 70°. Of course, this being Kansas City and CommunityAmerica Ballpark, there will be some wind.

After the jump, my five favorite Davy Arnaud goals. (Why Davy videos? Hmm, I wonder.)

5. Goals #9, #7, #6 and #3 of the Top Goals of 2009 belonged to Davy. (I like #3):
4. Davy scoring for USA:
3. A little free-kick magic from 2007 (You might wanna skip the Marinelli penalty kick): 2. Same place, same year, same team, same situation, better result: 1. The goal that made me a Wizards fan (seriously). Stick around for #1: