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Five for Friday: You, the fans

It's been just about two weeks since we last saw the Kansas City Wizards on the field. The last time they were on the field, of course, they were thrashing DC United 4-0.

Every week, The Full 90 plans on doing a weekly Q with people in and around soccer in the Midwest. This week, we're opening the floor to you, the fans and asking you Five Questions.*

*Lame cop-out or admission of being super busy and not getting a chance to go out and interview anyone this week? That's for you to decide.

Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section.


How excited are you about this game? Especially with the footballus-interruptis last week.


What are your pre-game plans? Tailgate? Steel signing? Sacrificing a bucket of KFC?


Kei Kamara or Chance Myers? Who do you want to start on the right side?


Buying a new kit for 2010? Or is your old one just fine thank you very much?


Score prediction? What scares you about Colorado? What doesn't scare you?

Game Day plans

We here at The Full 90 like to look at Game Day as a really big deal. As such, we want to pack as much information and fun as we can into the pre-game hours. Here is what you can expect today and tomorrow.

1. My updated and unscientific MLS rankings.