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Mid-day update: No news today

The big news today is obviously the Royals home opener (they're in first place for at least the next five hours!), and that's actually about it. There's nothing to update (yet) about the Wizards injury situation. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Kansas City Star's

Sam Mellinger's excellent coverage

of the Royals and

The Star's season preview.

I'll save my problems with baseball for another day. Home openers are a time of hope and I don't wanna kill your baseball buzz (if you even have one these days) this early in the season. Back to the reason you likely came to this site in the first place, soccer...I hate during-the-season friendlies. Especially against a team like A.C. St. Louis that has everything to prove in their first home game against a professional team. Sure it's nice that the Wizards won. But Zoltan was injured (I'm awaiting word back from the Wizards of the results of his MRI) and Kei Kamara (according to his Twitter) had a doctor's appointment on his injured toe this morning. When word comes down, we'll jump in and let you know. If you were expecting to see Claudio Lopez in a Rapids uniform this week (or on April 13 in the U.S. Open Cup), don't. According to an interview he gave during the Fire-Rapids game on Saturday, he needs to clear up some P-1 Visa issues and get game fit before he gets on the field. He doesn't mention it in this

Q&A with Rapids Undercurrent

, but it's worth a read. The Wizards debuted their re-vamped

Web site

this weekend. It seems to have less kinks than the rest of the MLS sites. I also think it looks better (if a little big in some places, such as gigantic Facebook logo!) than the rest of the sites.