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Five for Friday: Peter Vermes

Question: The last/only designated player in Kansas City was Claudio Lopez. Do you believe he was a successful DP? *Lopez today officially signed with the Colorado Rapids. Vermes explained during this interview that the Wizards did not re-sign Lopez because was asking for more money that the Wizards could offer during this offseason. Question: And now the process would be, if you go down that path, to get a new DP as you transition into the new stadium? Question: Is the primary reason for the DP to sell tickets?
Question: What kind of process goes into finding a designated player? Is it a little bit of luck finding out a player wants to come to the MLS or do you have a group of guys who you're specifically looking toward?
Question: You probably can't get too specific, but is there any position you would be looking at if you were to bring in a star player for that slot? [Interjection: That's a little different thinking than the rest of MLS teams who seem to go for more attack-minded players.]

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