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Extra Time 03.30.10 | Nightly news report

Wrapping up a days worth of news, links, rumors and rampant speculation.

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Lyon crushed fellow-country-club (?) Bordeaux 3-1
Bayern Munich snatched a stoppage time goal to knock off Manchester United 2-1.
probably just 2-4 weeks The Guardian suspects ankle ligament damage, with medical tests being done to determine the severity. If it is ligament damage, it would seem to end his remarkable season and put his World Cup hopes in doubt.The Red Devil fan in me is screeching in agony this evening (especially with a potential table-topping skirmish with Chelsea this Saturday). The United States fan in me is thinking, "Does England have anyone that can put the ball in the net besides Wayne Rooney?"It's a variation on the club vs. country debate. What's an American Red to do? I'm afraid to answer that question now, as I'm sure it's likely to change between now and June.
Champions League TV schedule Wednesday

The Wizards

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Around the MLS

  • · Jon Busch signs with San Jose (interesting, they already have Joe Cannon). [Fire Confidential]
  • · Pat Noonan has apparently landed in Seattle. [Sounders At Heart]
  • · Danny Szetela (late of DC United) is on trial with Philadelphia. [Soccer By Ives]
  • · Philly might be close to signing another former DC United player, Luciano Emilio. [Soccer Insider]
American Soccer Show WV Hooligan Kyle McCarthy at MLS Insider This week's MLS schedule (adjust your DVRs accordingly): Thursday


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What beer represents the players in the Wizards Starting XI.