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Extra Time 03.22.10 | All the news that's left

Today's news: All MLS rosters will be finalized by 4 p.m. CT Wednesday ... Chicago cut goalkeeper Jon Busch ... and that's about all that happened on what we like to call in the business "a slow" news day.*

*I guess I could be more descriptive and call it a "first 20 minutes of a Serie A game" news day. Yeah, it was that slow.

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Wrapping up a days worth of news, links, rumors and rampant speculation. (Note: This is an all-MLS edition of Extra Time.)

The Wizards

After a hectic month or so of new players coming in, old players leaving and far-away preseason training, the Wizards took a day off Monday. Well, at least they did news wise. No cuts, no new acquisitions.Here are the three things you have to know about the roster situation.

  • 1: All 16 clubs will need to have their rosters set by 4 p.m. CT on Wednesday. Each club gets 20 senior roster slots and four developmental. (Generation adidas players — of which the Wizards have three — don't count toward the senior roster. So, there will be only one developmental player on the roster.)
  • 2: The Wizards must cut 3 players as the current training roster has 27 players. Who gets cut? I think Mauro Fuzetti and Michael Kraus are the most likely candidates. I'm not 100% sure Jack Jewsbury and/or Santiago Hirsig will be on the team. It depends on how many international slots the off-season moves soak up and what they could potentially get for them on the trade market.)
  • 3. The starting salary cap will be $2.55 million per team, up from $2.32 million in 2009.


The first two season previews I've seen — from's Steve Davis


The 24th Minute

— aren't too kind to the Wizards ... regardless of their final roster. Davis puts the Wiz just ahead of expansion Philadelphia at the bottom of the East and the 24th Minute puts us on 38 points and out of the playoff race. Agree? Disagree? Have no opinion yet? Agree to disagree? I feel the pain of every one.

Around the MLS

There was


roster news, notably Chicago letting stalwart 'keeper Jon Busch fly like baggage on a Southwest flight. It's waaaay too early to toss Jimmy Neilsen aside (or even dream about it), but wouldn't Jon Busch look neat in a Wizards kit? I can't be the only one that likes him. Can I?

List of players waived today:
  • · SEATTLE: Goalkeeper Chris Eylander
  • · DC UNITED: Midfielder John DiRaimondo
  • · SAN JOSE: Midfielders Simon Elliott, Antonio Ribeiro and goalkeeper Mike Graczyk
  • · CHICAGO: Goalkeeper Jon Busch
This week's MLS schedule (adjust your DVRs accordingly): Thursday

· Seattle Sounders v Philadelphia Union @ 8:30 pm on ESPN2


· Chivas USA v Colorado Rapids @ 9:30pm on Direct Kick


· Columbus Crew v Toronto FC @ 3pm on Direct Kick

· FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo @ 3pm on Telefutura

· New York Red Bulls v Chicago Fire @ 6pm on ESPN


Kansas City Wizards v DC United @ 7:30pm on KCWE (Ch. 29)

· San Jose Earthquakes v Real Salt Lake @ 8pm on FSC

· LA Galaxy v New England Revolution @ 10pm on FSC

One more MLS thing...

The excellent blog

du Nord

(really, if you want to know it, they've got the link to it) picked up on something from Fox Soccer Channel's 2010 MLS Preview Show that I completely agree with. Namely, it sucked.I'll let him to the blogging:

"I must say that that may have been the worst 30 minutes of soccer coverage I have ever seen. The whole thing looked like it was produced for an 8th grade class project. The video quality was piss poor and use of any graphics was almost zero. Not to mention the complete lack of energy from the editing and the host Mark Rogandino. Then we get to the information provided: not only was there very little, but a good portion of it was just plain old wrong. As an example, when they listed who had left Chicago this offseason they didn't mention Chris Rolfe and Gonzalo Segares, while finding space to mention three guys who no one who follows MLS has ever heard of (and who definitely not on any teams roster anywhere in the world). Then when they got to DC United they listed Gonzalo Peralto, Marcello Gallardo and Josh Gros! Are you kidding me, they all left 2 years ago. How about Santiago Hirsig being listed as a new incoming player for KC this season. I forced myself to give up at that point or else somebody's dog would have paid the price. Seriously though, did they recycle last years show without any proof reading at all? This kind of horrible production is what FSC has always given MLS, and I think its about time they knocked this _____ off. And I can't believe that anyone involved in that show took pride in their finished product."

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