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Afternoon update: All's quiet on the roster front

Like many teams, we're still awaiting word from Major League Soccer on what the new roster guidelines are going to be under the new CBA. Do developmental slots matter anymore? What's the salary cap going to be? When will the final cuts to the roster be made?

Soccer America Daily has a few details on the salary cap question (but none on the others):

For 2010, the salary cap will be $2.55 million per team (it was $2.32 million in 2009) and the minimum salary for non-developmental players is $40,000 ($34,000 in 2009). Each will increase at a basic five percent per year, though for older players the minimum will be greater. At that growth rate, the salary cap will be approximately $3.1 million in the final year of the CBA, and the minimum will be slightly more than $46,000.

The plan First Kick week was to go position-by-position, introduce the new players and speculate on what lies ahead this season. It's sort of pointless to do this until we know the final 24. (Will there even be 24 spots? Do the international player rules change? OMG, I could ask questions all day.)Once the specs are known, check back in for The Full 90's first annual "Meet the Wizards" position-by-position breakdown (with a handy-dandy pronunciation guide). Until then, here are a few links to satiate your football fix. · Soccer America Daily has a behind the scenes guide to the CBA negotiations. I quoted it above. [

Soccer America Daily

]· Match Fit USA has a "Super Fun Guide" to the MLS CBA. [

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]· Speaking of Match Fit USA, they also have a quick and dirty rundown of the Top 10 Storylines for this upcoming year. The Wizards international overhaul snags the seventh spot. [

Match Fit USA

]· James Starritt at has a nice post about his preseason expectations for the Wizards. [

]· Wolverine, er, Charlie Davies returned to training today with Sochaux. [

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]· And so it begins: Messi vs. Maradona. (Messi wins a World Cup, we can have this debate proper.) [

The Spoiler

]· Not soccer related, but this person is officially the most insane person ever and this is the most

insane photo

I've ever seen on a Monday morning in March. [

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